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Dear valued followers and visitors of News time website, we are honored and delighted by your visits, and we hope to meet your expectations. The services we provide for free are available for everyone to use and share, provided that the following conditions, which we do not tolerate any violation or non-compliance, are respected:

1. First, do not use our services in any way that contradicts Islamic law.
2. Second, do not delete our rights and those of our website.
3. Third, regarding sharing, we allow the sharing of posts only if the original source is credited on our website.
4. Fourth, we reject anyone profiting from our free services by distributing them in exchange for money.
Publication Policy:
- The materials published on the website represent the opinions of the authors and the sources from which the news was taken, and they do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the website.

- The website management apologizes in advance for publishing any materials that express any bias, blind prejudice towards groups, religions, sects, or that harm or lead to sectarian and regional conflicts, or that offend religions, divine books, and the divine self, or that contain words, images, or phrases contrary to public morals and ethics, or that include any forms of defamation, threats, or verbal violence.

- The website management is not obliged to publish everything it receives, as the timing and location of publication are subject to its own technical and technological considerations.

- The website management apologizes for publishing any written or visual materials that violate the law or public morals.

- The website management does not pay any monetary compensation for the materials sent to it, whether they are published or not.

- The website management considers that the person requesting the publication of a material on the website has read and understood these conditions.
Comments publication policy:
Comments are available to visitors through the website's comment service, under the following conditions:
- Comments should be related to the published material only.

- Personal insults, violations of general ethics, offenses against the divine self and religions, and any form of defamation, threats, or verbal violence will lead to cancellation and deletion of comments, and any user who misuses the comment service will be banned.
- The website management has the right to delete or modify any
 comment that does not comply with the publishing policy.

- The published comments do not necessarily reflect the policy and opinion of the website management.

We hope that everyone adheres to these matters, and we ask Allah for success and guidance for us and for you. May you be under the protection of God.


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